Heart of Nishiyama

Our great guests

Our great guests  

We are proud of our meals, bath facility and most of all is our guests. Indeed we have had great guests since we started our business. A couple enjoys sightseeing around the old capital, a family visit Kyoto and stay in our hotel every year as their annual event, researcher from overseas... The purpose of visiting Kyoto is different. However, we always learn something from all our guests.

Past a few years, the number of foreign guests has been increasing. It is our great pleasure to see some of them come back again and some people visit us because of the recommendation from our previous guests. As a result, our staff are learning and improving English. It is a little afraid to talk to foreigner in different language at first, but language is essential key for communication. We see it is our good opportunity to learn English while we are working.

Recently we have started the mini concert of koto (13 strings Japanese harp) in the lobby. We would like the foreign visitors to enjoy the essence of Japanese culture in their limited time in Kyoto. Of course, Japanese visitors enjoy the beautiful tune of koto, too. We will organize new plan that both our guests and staffs can enjoy together in the intimate atmosphere.

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