NISHIYAMA RYOKAN is furnished with interior decorations and traditional crafts made of Kyoto materials throughout.

We will provide the kind of hospitality that makes you feel like you are in Kyoto in a moment.


Chabitsu (Japanese tea box) made of Japanese cypress from Kyoto, Japan.
Please enjoy your tea with your eyes first.

板五製材 (Itago Lumber CO.,LTD)

Kyo-uchiwa fans with charming and quaint designs are decorated on the hanging scrolls.

小丸屋住井 (Komaruya Sumii)



We change the curtains seasonally to give our guests a taste of the season.
We change the curtain for each season.

西陣輝洸 (Nishijin Kiko Inc.)

Kyo Zogan has a tradition of over 1200 years.
We are particular about what kinds of tools we uses.

中嶋象嵌 (Nakajima Zogan Inc.)


◎Company in charge of designing renewal designs 

(Design)くろちく総合研究所 (General Kurochiku Institute CO.,LTD)・・・Their corporate concept is "Traditional wooden townhouse".

(Renewal area) Entrance and Exterior, Robby, Restaurant, Japanese Superior Room, Japanese Deluxe Room 


(Design)ローバー都市建築事務所 (Rover Architects Inc.) ・・・ "Made with KYOTO"

(Renewal area) Garden, Japanese Standard Room


(Design)才門俊文建築設計事務所 (Toshifumi Saimon Architectural Design Inc.)・・・"Challenging new Japanese architecture as well as traditional architecture"

 (Renewal area)Japanese Twin Bed Superior Room


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